IPI Team

Asad Rahim Khan

Senior Research Fellow

Asad Rahim  Khan is  Senior Fellow and Director  of Legal      Policy at the Islamabad Policy Institute. He is  a  barrister        and an  Advocate of  the  High  Courts.


Syed Mohsin Shaharyar

Director Programs

Mr Mohsin Shaharyar is a  director program  at  Islamabad  Policy  Institute. 


Syed Faran Rizvi

Visiting Fellow

Mr Rizvi is a  senior  adjunct fellow for business and economy  at  Islamabad  Policy  Institute. He is also  associated with JS  Global  where he  is  working  as head of  equity sales. In his role  at  JS  Global. He has   been   responsible  for   advising investment strategies   to institutional, corporate and high net worth clients. Mr Rizvi  previously remained  associated  with MCB  Arif Habib Asset Management.


Muhammad Tahir Khan

Visiting Fellow

Mr Khan is an adjunct fellow at  Islamabad Policy Institute.  His  research   work   is    focused  on Afghanistan.
Mr Khan has extensively covered Afghanistan for both national as well as  international  media. As a journalist, he has worked for BBC.

Syeda Mamoona Rubab

Senior Research Fellow

Mrs Rubab is  a Fellow  for  Americas  at  Islamabad Policy    Institute   (IPI),    Pakistan.  She  is  also responsible   for   the   administration   at   IPI.
Ms  Rubab  contributes  a  weekly  column  in  “The  Friday Times” in  which  she  comments  on  Pakistan’s      foreign  relations and  security matters. She can be contacted at mamoona.rubab@ipi.org.pk


Asma Khalid

Senior Research Officer

Miss Asma is a Senior Research officer at the Islamabad Policy Institute (IPI), Pakistan. Her research focuses on regional  peace and security  with  special emphasis on non-proliferation, arms  control and disarmament. She also  contributes  in  national  dailies  and international blogs  on  issues  of  strategic  significance.  She    has previously  worked  at  Strategic Vision Institute (SVI), Senate of  Pakistan,  Fatima  Jinnah Women University (FJWU), and  Institute for Strategic  Studies, Research and  Analysis (ISSRA, NDU).  She  can be  reached at: asma.khalid@ipi.org.pk

 Mobeen Jafar Mir

Research Officer

Mobeen Jafar Mir is a Research  officer at  the Islamabad Policy   Institute  (IPI).  He   closely  follows  emerging  challenges for Pakistan’s  foreign  policy. He  is  an  expert   in  Asian   affairs especially Pakistan’s  neighbours and the Middle East. He holds      a Master of  Science  degree  in International    Relations  from  the  National Defence University, Islamabad.



Mujtaba Hasan

Accounts and Adminstration Assistant

Mr Mujtaba Hasan is managing accounts department at the Islamabad Policy Institute (IPI). He has studied at ERASMUS University, Holland. Mr. Hasan is an experienced accountant with two years of experience working abroad at Stiching Challenges, a renowned Turkish company in Holland. He has excellent administrative and managerial skills. He can be contacted at: Mjhasan2@yahoo.com

Alina Kauser

Web Administrator

Miss Alina is an IT expert at Islamabad Policy Institute (IPI) Pakistan. She can be reached at info@ipi.org.pk