Palestine Conflict under the Joe Biden Administration

The advent of the Joe Biden administration in US had generated significant hope and optimism for the long-forsaken Palestinians who were exhausted facing the assaults of former President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel foreign policy approach. But it all proved rather hollow and short-lived.  Recent developments have made it clear that the Joe Biden’s administration is a least willing administration to work out a lasting solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Expectations were pinned on Joe Biden because he had served in the senate for decades, as vice-president in the Obama administration, and now as the President of the US, so it was believed that he would be more visionary and experienced than any previous presidents of the US to pursue a pragmatic approach to mitigate the suffering of the Palestinians and solve the festering conflict. Unfortunately, all such hopes are being dashed if we take a comprehensive assessment of his foreign policy towards the Palestine conflict. Read More….

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