Pakistan-Bangladesh: Time to reconcile, rebuild and resurge

For too long, Pakistan and Bangladesh have suffered from the vicissitudes of a relationship that is marked by intense attraction between the two nations and, at times, feeling of agony rooted in painful events of the past. Attraction is natural and radiates from the core of shared history, religion, culture and common struggle against religious majoritarianism and British colonialism. Sense of loss and associated pain are legacies of the events of 1971. Time has come for the leadership of the two countries to break the stalemate and gradually put bilateral relations on a track that actually moves on its own steam.

Pakistan’s creation, in large part, became possible because of the vision and struggle of the politically conscious, educated and sophisticated leadership of Muslim East Bengal. It was they who first fully comprehended the benefits of modern education and training and produced first South Asian Muslim graduates from the western education institutions. Read More…

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