Implications of Military Flare-up in the Persian Gulf

Regional dialogue can deliver peace: Iranian diplomat

ISLAMABAD, January 13, 2019: A senior Iranian diplomat on Monday suggested an “inclusive and comprehensive intra-regional dialogue” as the way out of the current crisis in the Middle East and said that Tehran would encourage Pakistan to continue its efforts for defusing tensions.

“All of us should instead opt for and subscribe to a paradigm of regional inclusivity and synergy, as the only realistic way out of the current cycle of crises,” Mr Masoud Zamani, counselor at the Embassy of Iran said at a roundtable conference organized by Islamabad Policy Institute (IPI).

The conference titled ‘Implication of the Military Flare-up in the Persian Gulf’ was attended by diplomats, academics, and representatives of think tanks. The speakers discussed the situation in the aftermath of Iranian Commander Gen Qassem Soleimani’s assassination and its impact on Pakistan.

Mr Zamani said, contrary to general perception, the solution to the latest crisis was “within reach and accessible.” He, however, said that this would require honest commitment to peace and partnership from all the countries in the region.  Noting that security cannot be achieved through “hurling stones at the neighbor’s house,” he regretted that some countries in the neighbourhood believed in acquisition of foreign arms and “purchasing security and legitimacy” from others.

“Resort to war, considered an exception in international relations, has unfortunately become a norm and rule in the region due to the attitude and conduct of the U.S. and its followers. This is a vicious circle that must be broken by the regional actors and all those committed to peace, quiet, and stability,” he maintained.

Speaking about Pakistan’s efforts for reduction of tensions, Mr Zamani said those were welcome and Iran encourages Pakistan to continue them.


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