A New Democratic Wave in Pakistan

by Samra F. Ansari

Democracy is said to be a noble form of governance. It is where majority rule and when there is a crowd of people, there must you see a difference of opinion which should be acceptable. But the irony is that, are we sure about the transparency or practicing of actual democratic values? If not, then there appears two antagonistic perspectives. One thought is, today the country has a decade of democracy without questing the reason. Second thought should be whether a new democratic wave is a sign of prevailing or worsening? Although democracy is the best form of government but democracy practicing in Pakistan seems somewhat complicated.

There might be a little chance of spoiling of democratic values in developed countries whose exercising high education, advanced-technology, standard means of living, public hospitals, moderate or high GDP rate etc. Having this scenario, considering developing Pakistan where there literacy rate is subjected to diminishing, public health facilities are not appropriate, the country has been gone through painful political history, facing deteriorated economy and so on. Moreover, In democracies, one has to allow people to fail. They must strive to run for office, get elected and then fail on their own terms. Democracy requires to be continued practice in Pakistan. In the long run, true sense of democracy will emerge in Pakistan and people make the right decision for themselves but the courts, the press even the military would not preferably a good decision. Failure is to perfect the system, not a sign of a bad system. The cure for bad democracy is more and better democracy, not an incompetent military regime, which only breeds resentment.


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