Power Sector in 2021


Year 2020 ended with a whimper for the Power Sector. It has sadly burdened all ­both, the national economy and individual wealth. And the onerous happenings of the sector seem to have constricted all else — so much so, that the Honorable Prime Minister was forced to proclaim the power sector as a nightmare.’

What exactly were the issues.? Were these issues continuing as a legacy or were they created distinctly in 2020? Issue of availability of power somehow remained off-radar for most of the customers (mostly clustered in the Punjab), but did raise its ugly head in rest of the provinces including Khyber-Pakhrunkhwa, Sindh and Baluchistan. K-Electric’s jurisdictional areas in Karachi Metropolitan area had ups and downs and again Baluchistan towns of Bola, Uthal, Hub, and Winder were left to the elements. These towns and their denizens were probably not considered important enough. Read More….

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