LECTURE: Pak-Iran Relations: Current Scenario & Future Prospects.

His Excellency Ambassador of Iran Mehdi Hunerdoost

I wish to welcome you to Islamabad Policy Institute. We are relatively a very young institute. We have nevertheless made our humble effort towards making Pakistan a progressive country.
Last September we completed nearly a year long effort when we came up with a publication on the critical challenges facing the country and made recommendations for the new government dealing with them. The report covered areas as diverse as Economy, CPEC, Energy, Water crisis, Extremism and Terrorism, Education, Healthcare, Access to Justice, Climate Change, Foreign Policy, Defense, Freedom of Expression/Media and civil military relations.
Copies of the publication are in front to you.
The goal of advocating strong relations with Iran is very close to our heart.
Pakistan is an overwhelming Muslim country, but it is also a diverse country. However, there is a disturbing trend in the national discourse of viewing relations with Iran from a sectarian angle.
We believe both Pakistan and Iran should cooperate in the best interest of their people making them safer, more prosperous and more productive members of modern and progressive society.
Once again I would like to thank you for choosing to visit us.


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