Foreign Policy Challenges and Opportunities


In an unsettled global and regional environment, the outlook for Pakistan in 2021 will remain uncertain. Challenges to the security and economic wellbeing of the nation are likely to persist. Societies the world over are adrift, unmoored from values, norms, and traditions, and overtaken by a new cycle of regeneration of yet uncertain dimension.

Great power competition, demolition of order in various regions, resurgence of power politics, inability of institutions to cope with the rapidity of change and consequent loss of efficacy and faith in established systems of governance with no certain and credible alternatives in sight, have brought mankind to a new point of inflection. In the meanwhile, COVID-19 pandemic continues to exact a heavy toll in terms of lives lost and severe economic repercussions.

Change offers both challenges and opportunities. What must sustain and guide the nation is a `vision’ of its future. Internal cohesion, clarity of purpose, determination, and skillful statecraft are an absolute must to Read More…..

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