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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Forecasting A Year Of Political Turmoil: Navigating The Intersecting Crises Of Economy, Security, And Constitution

Pakistan has perpetually been in the crisis mode, but still 2022 would be remembered as the year of tumult. And unfortunately, there are no signs of that instability and uncertainty letting up in 2023. The political outlook for 2023 is rather bleak and more uncertain...

Reforms Now

Pakistan is currently confronted with formidable obstacles to address the current economic crisis, satisfy its needs for the balance of payments, and prevent economic default. It is will run a high fiscal deficit, trade deficit, current account deficit and the circular debt is ballooning. The...

The Cyber Threat Landscape Beyond the Pandemic

The impact of the pandemic and the rapid acceleration of digital initiatives in a short time resulted in an increase in the attack surface. It forced nations and business to control and manage disruptions at all levels. As security and risk management leaders handle...

Energy Security: Challenges and Outlook

As we bid farewell to 2022 and enter 2023, the challenges for Pakistan do not seem to be relenting. Pakistan has faced a number of economic challenges in recent years. Some of the main issues facing the Pakistani economy include:   Read More….

Pakistan Health System: 2023 And Beyond

Pakistan Health System is in shambles, no matter what successive governments have been telling the public. Pakistan is ranked 164th out of 188 countries on its investment on health and education (1). Pakistan is even behind Rwanda(163rd) in its resource allocation for health and...
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