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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Powering Pakistan’s Future Reforming the Energy Labyrinth

Pakistan's energy landscape is marked by immense challenges and untapped potential. The country's economy remains hobbled by crippling energy shortages22, inefficient pricing and distribution mechanisms, and an overdependence on imported fuels. At the heart of this crisis lies a confluence of structural deficiencies across...

The Urgent Battle Against Terrorism and the Quest for Internal Security

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN)'s President, Shahbaz Sharif, took oath as Pakistan's 24th prime minister on March 4 amid several political, economic and security challenges.31 Shahbaz is heading a weak coalition government, which will undermine his ability to govern, legislate, and formulate policies effectively.32...

Reframing Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

Pakistan's new governing coalition is confronted with a complex array Of longstanding foreign policy challenges. To navigate these mounting problems, it must engage in high-stakes statecraft and chart a strategic course. Central to its efforts should be the stabilization of the crisis-stricken economy, ensuring...

Deciphering Promises A Comparative Analysis of Electoral Manifestoes

As Pakistan approached the pivotal 2024 general elections, it found itself at a crucial crossroads, grappling with a confluence of complex and interlinked challenges. The country was navigating through political instability, economic vulnerabilities, internal security threats, and a difficult international landscape, all contributing to...
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